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productivity hackers, one shared goal.

What’s the story behind ModernLoop’s game-changing technology and elegant UX, you ask? Consider our CEO and CTO, Lydia Han and Christopher Triolo, for starters.

The former, while product manager at Slack, built its Zoom and Google Calendar integrations, simplifying thousands of working lives. The latter is responsible for Facebook’s ‘Charitable Donations’ tool, which has resulted in over $5bn (yes, billion) being donated to charities by Facebook users.

Naturally, the pair took their obsession with optimization and applied it to one of the most process-heavy parts of a business: recruiting. ModernLoop was born, and continues to help companies cost-efficiently reach their growth goals to this day. We’re not quite at $5bn yet, but we’re getting there.

Meet our team

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Here’s six things we really care about.

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We love our customers, and they know it. We listen, learn, and go the extra mile to simplify work for the folks we serve.
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Create undeniable value. We measure, deliver, and ensure everything is on track, keeping promises inside and out.
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In the loop, close the loop. We document decisions, share updates, and close the loop on every task.
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Keep it simple and clear. Clarity takes more time and effort, but it’s worth it. Don’t make people think.
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Always know the "why". Understand decisions for effective results.
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Give and receive thoughtful feedback. Every day is an opportunity to raise the bar higher. We embrace a culture of continuous improvement
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Careers at ModernLoop.

If you’re passionate about building the future of recruiting automation technology, we’d love to hear from you.


Benefits that make Mondays memorable.

Just some of the reasons you might want to join us.

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Remote from the start
Our team is fully remote, meaning you can work in a way that works for you. But we often meet up for team outings, so you can put faces to names.
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Unlimited vacations
We understand the value of PTO, so we’re not too strict about it. Our mantra is that when you work hard, you should play hard too.
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Home office stipend
Being fully remote, it’s important that everyone has everything they need to work smarter, not harder. Mouse? Keyboard? Monitor? We got you.
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Healthcare that cares
We offer comprehensive health coverage, including medical, dental & vision. We truly care about our team’s physical and mental wellbeing.
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Contribute a portion of your income to a tax-deferred investment account.
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Paid parental leave
We proudly offer a generous 12-week paid parental leave policy to support our employees during one of life's most important milestones.

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