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Reporting & Dashboards

What’s your five year plan?

Stay on track with your company’s hiring goals with reporting dashboards that present critical data on every recruitment process.


Wave goodbye to bottlenecks.

Analyze interview scheduling trends to prevent conflicts and backlogs before they occur.


Make better recruitment decisions.

…And not just about who to hire. Refine every area of recruitment with detailed analytics at your fingertips.

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Keep leadership in-the-know.

Give bosses a bird’s eye view of your company’s hiring efforts in an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Stay ahead of your hiring goals.


Intuitive dashboards

Get key insights at a glance. No number crunching needed.
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Interview analytics

Track scheduled and completed interviews and measure against your company’s goals.
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Interviewer insights

Follow up on declined or rescheduled interviews to find out what happened.
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