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High-volume hiring made easy.

Acquire the cream of the crop faster than ever before with automated scheduling, decreased time-to-offer, and standout candidate experiences.

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Smash quarterly KPIs
Our standardized training programs mean you can delegate interviews with total confidence.
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Ensure success
Our algorithm optimizes your schedule so that interviewing never disrupts the day-to-day.
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Automate heavy lifting
Let ModernLoop take care of admin, so you can focus on improving the experience.
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Show off every win
Our reporting tool presents your key metrics in a simple dashboard for you to share wins.
As the first recruiter at a Series B startup, my days are packed! ModernLoop has been an absolute lifesaver for me to move quickly with scheduling, without sacrificing candidate experience.
Shannon Toomey, Lead Technical Recruiter

Your new workflow for driving successful hires.

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Create an interview plan.

Collaborate with hiring managers to structure interview cadences and plans suited to each candidate and job description.

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Get it in the calendar.

Ping coordinators a scheduling task in our platform or via our Chrome extension in your ATS. One instant notification later,
and it’s on the calendar.

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Schedule interviews, without lifting a finger.

Let recruiters send self-schedule links so that candidates can book a time themselves — saving your recruiting coordinators the time (and hassle).

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Share wins with leadership.

Use our intuitive dashboard to show the boss what a great job you’re doing. You’ll want to, what with all the increases in candidates, interviews, and hires.

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Make your hiring targets look small.

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