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For Coordinators

Finally, scheduling that does you justice.

No more calendar Tetris and constant chasing. ModernLoop is here to make interview scheduling smoother, and your life easier.

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Clear up your calendar
Automate the manual tasks of scheduling and coordination, to save time (and headaches).
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Grow your career
This is your ticket to escape the admin spiral. Start up-skilling and adding more value to hiring.
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Improve collaboration
Work in harmony with recruiters, interviewers, and managers. No clashing, no chasing.
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Don’t change a thing
Continue working with your existing email, calendar, Slack, Zoom or Google Meet, and ATS.
The ModernLoop team listens, alleviates the pain points, and optimizes all coordination aspects not just scheduling. A must-have for every recruiting team!
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Madison Eastman, Recruiting Coordinator
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One easy workflow for one recruiting legend (That’s you).

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You have a new interview scheduling request.

Receive requests in real-time from recruiters, outlining the interview type, level of urgency, and any additional notes.

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Let’s get you set up.

Create an interview plan and cadence, and let ModernLoop’s algorithm choose the interviewers (plus shadow trainees) based on suitability and availability.

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Send RSVPs with everything they need.

Send your Zoom or Google Meet calendar link to the candidate, along with interviewer profiles and a template or tailored message.

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Need to reschedule? Easy.

We’ll help you find the best replacement instantly if an interviewer isn’t available, so that everybody wins.

Automate your everyday.

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