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For Interviewers

Your hiring targets? Never in question.

ModernLoop handles the interview scheduling and training so you can deliver great candidate experiences at scale.

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Reduce burnout
Our standardized training programs mean you can delegate interviews with total confidence.
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Carve out sweet spots
Our algorithm optimizes your schedule so that interviewing never disrupts the day-to-day.
faster offers
Make faster offers
Bring your interviewing A-game to every candidate, so you can secure the cream of the crop.
Track your success
Measure interview analytics against your hiring goals. No number crunching needed.
ModernLoop has been a key partner in helping us automate our process. Their load balancing feature has been effective at mitigating interviewer fatigue, which is crucial during a time of rapid growth.
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Deborah Riedesel, Recruiting Leader, Operations

How our Hiring Experience Platform works for your interviewers.

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Train up your team.

Automate shadow and reverse shadow programs to train up as many interviewers as you need.

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Prepare with everything you need.

Get automatic Slack notifications about the who, when, and where of your interview, plus any added context about the candidate.

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Automate messaging channels.

Spin up private Slack channels with interviewers so they can communicate anything needed before, during, and after the interview.

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Review your numbers.

Keep track of your interviews, interview declines, and interview reschedules. Our dashboards make it easy to trace your impact on recruitment.

Build your next interview team.

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