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Works with your stack.

ModernLoop integrates with the tools you use every single day, meaning you don’t have to change a single thing.

Property 1Slack


Connect ModernLoop seamlessly with Slack for perfect communication.

Property 1Greenhouse


Greenhouse is a complete hiring platform that helps you hire fairly and purposefully.

Property 1Lever


ModernLoop integrates seamlessly with leading ATS, Lever.

Property 1Ashby


Connect ModernLoop with Ashby to streamline and automate scheduling.

Workday square


Connect ModernLoop with Workday to streamline and automate scheduling.

Property 1Zoom


Add Zoom links directly into interview calendar invites with ModernLoop.

Property 1Google Calendar

Google Calendar

ModernLoop instantly creates Google calendar meetings to keep everyone on schedule.

Property 1Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Modernloop also integrates with Microsoft Outlook.

Property 1Google Meet

Google Meet

Effortlessly add Google Meet links to interviews with ModernLoop.

Property 1Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Connect ModernLoop with your Microsoft tech stack.

Property 1CoderPad


Run coding assessments and collaborative technical interviews that let developers’ skills shine.

Property 1CodeSignal


CodeSignal can help you evaluate technical ability quickly and accurately.

Property 1Codility


Codility’s coding assessment platform enables hiring managers to design and administer developer assessments to screen candidates for the right skills - at scale.

Property 1HackerRank


Host Real-Time Code Interviews with HackerRank and ModernLoop.

Okta Aura Black M

Okta SSO

From single sign-on to user provisioning, Okta's ModernLoop integration handles user access throughout the user's lifecycle.

Microsoft Entra ID color icon.svg

Microsoft Entra ID (Formally Azure SSO)

Manage access to ModernLoop and maintain consistent security across your organization through your Microsoft Entra ID system.

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Any SSO identity provider

ModernLoop can be set up to work with any SSO provider of your choice.

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