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Interviewer Training

Build a sustainable hiring culture.

Train teams of interviewers up to your highest standards, so you can scale quickly without sacrificing quality.

We’ve been able to launch a ton of new interviews into our hiring plans and ensure that all interviewers are trained and load balanced, relieving our teams of unnecessary stress and strain as they help us grow the organization.
Mallory Foutch, Technical Recruiter

More trained interviewers, less bias.

Track what types of interviews an interviewer is trained for, and remove bias from the interview process with more trained interviewers at your disposal.

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The answer to interviewer burnout.

Share the load with a team of qualified interviewers thanks to balancing features that are built right into our scheduling algorithm.

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Grow in line with your culture.

Develop countless ambassadors of your company culture, so that when you choose to accelerate, it’s with all the right hires.

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Finally, a way to delegate interviews with total confidence.


Schedule shadows and reverse shadows

Automatically add trainees to observe or lead interviews according to their progress and availability.
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Customizable training programs

You decide how many shadows and reverse shadows trainees need before they can fly solo.
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Collect feedback and track progress

Measure progress for each trainee: review feedback and view where they’re at in their program.
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Track progress in Slack

Trainees and trainers can assess performance, add comments, and choose when to progress training to the next stage. All directly in Slack.
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