5 Ways ModernLoop Helps your Company Create an A+ Interview Team

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Lydia Han
Mar 17, 2023
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Everyone wants to hire top talent, that’s a given. But behind every great hire is an interview team that provided a compelling candidate experience, accurately represented company culture and was able to rigorously vet that candidate, while still connecting with them.

Let’s be honest though, amazing interviewers don’t just spring up overnight. If you’ve ever been ‘the new guy’ at conducting interviews, you know how awkward or intimidating those first few can feel – especially if you’re just thrown into the ring.

That’s why interview training is such an important aspect of having an A+ interview team. Structured interview training plans empower interviewers by providing a consistent frame of reference to conduct quality interviews time and time again. (Psst: check out our last blog on this topic!) 

But not every company has one in place. And because it’s a time consuming, manual undertaking, setting up interviewer training processes can feel complex and difficult to even get in place.

Manual processes are the enemy of efficiency when creating a structured interview training process.

Going from everything living on various spreadsheets or slide decks and a heavy reliance on only one recruiter, coordinator and hiring manager to execute, to a structured interview process is not an easy task. And when things get busy, interviewer training often gets bumped to the bottom of the project list.

Even the most diligent employees likely don’t have the time needed to create a scalable training program. Recruiting Coordinators are usually already spread too thin from scheduling and supporting a team of recruiters – and recruiters need to spend their week focused on building active talent pipelines, pursuing passive candidates and moving candidates through the hiring process. Interviewers and hiring managers have their day jobs and core tasks, too.

There never seems to be enough time in the day – and if this feels like you, you’re probably wondering where to start. There’s good news though – every team doesn’t need to have the same time or resources available to create a structured interview training program that leads to a roster of rockstar interviewers. You don’t need to be a tech giant with deep pockets or have hundreds of people in your talent department to establish this at your company, either.

Consider implementing a talent technology solution – you’ll be in good company. 

As the talent acquisition landscape has been rapidly changing over the past few years, the market is seeing consolidation and with it, new tools bringing innovative solutions.

At the same time many companies have been feeling the effects of the changing market and workforce and are looking to stay ahead of trends.

To bridge this gap, automation through talent technology tools has increasingly become a smart, cost effective option to help growing companies adapt to fill in the gaps, improve their processes and do more with less budget.

That’s how ModernLoop was born!

We’ve officially entered the adoption of Automation in HR with 60% of companies increasing investment in these technologies in the past year… a new model of automation is emerging … one that enables greater operating capacity, more efficient and consistent processes, and stronger stakeholder experiences.
The New Wave of HR Transformation, Aptitude Research

ModernLoop makes structured interviewer training simple.

You don’t have to be Amazon or Meta to have an all star interview training process and interview team. You don’t have to hire a ton of people or create a complex manual process either – you can just use ModernLoop!

ModernLoop is a robust recruiting operations platform built on the premise that recruiters are busy and so are interviewers. Our goal is to use automation to remove the manual roadblocks throughout the recruiting ops process and streamline once labor intensive tasks – like creating a scalable interviewer training program.

What used to take hours, days or even weeks is now available instantly through ModernLoop – like built-in best interview practices, an interviewer training program you can scale and automation that creates a top notch experience for all members in the hiring process.

High quality interview training is important for a number of reasons. Companies are challenged with one of two situations -- either they're growing and most interviewers are new to the company or not growing and the frequency employees are interviewing is really low. And just like any skill, you need practice and guidance to improve and do something consistently at a high level. In both cases, it's important for employees to know how to effectively pitch the company and opportunity as well as equitably prepare for and conduct an interview. The impact of not doing this well is at best a lot of wasted time and at worst hiring someone that's a net negative or toxic addition to the company. ModernLoop's interview training modules solve for what are often very manual training program trackers.
Mike Joyner, Partner at Growth by Design Talent

So… how do we actually help you create efficiency?

ModernLoops features are designed around interview best practices. We provide the mechanism you’re looking for to create a well calibrated roster of interviewers and a fully customizable training process without your teams spinning their wheels or detracting from their core work.

Here are the top 5 ways ModernLoop helps you establish a structured interviewer training program that yields real results:

  • Improves interviewer quality and takes the grunt work out of interview training.

    One of the most valuable results of training interviewers is preventing the costly mistake of a mishire by not having fully calibrated interviewers on the interview panel. Candidate debriefs become more decisive and result in good decisions when you have confident interviewers who know what they are assessing for.

    “The more interviewers understand what they’re looking for and how it fits into the larger picture, the more effective they can be.” – Google Re:Work

    Our goal is to help you improve interviewer quality by taking the grunt work out of growing your pool of trained interviewers. We make it easier for you to focus on what matters by eliminating manual tasks through automation and implementing smart scheduling technology to training schedules!

  • Increases efficiency by enabling your talent team to manage the entire training process in one place - while keeping stakeholders in the know.

    No more switching back and forth between tools and calendar views. Automatically schedule shadows and reverse shadows, track progress, request feedback and graduate trainees all from the same place.

    We keep you in the know so you never have to guess, track people down or use spreadsheets to track information. Our system also measures training  progress and integrates approval steps –  so you’re in control and your stakeholders will always know where their people are in the process.

  • Uses shadowing and reverse shadowing to instill confidence in your interviewers.

    “One of the best ways to train interviewers is to give them practice so they have a consistent frame of reference for what is a great, mediocre, or poor interview.” – Google re:Work 

    Make sure interviewer trainees feel confident in what they are interviewing for while they are in the shadowing and reverse shadowing processes before they graduate to interviewing solo. For seasoned interviewers or newbies, we have you covered – assign only the training time needed.

  • Creates a culture of feedback through the interview training process.

    Another way interviewers can improve their interview assessments is to get direct and regular feedback during training.

    ModernLoop’s Slack integration let’s trainees and trainers assess their performance upon completing their shadows or reverse shadows. They can add comments for the recruiting team and elect to progress in their training, or opt to try again.

  • Establishes best practices through consistency to create a calibrated roster of A+ interviewers.

    “Calibration across interviewers is one of the most important ways to ensure valid candidate ratings.” – Google re:Work

    Train your team through interview focus areas using our modules to calibrate them on your expectations for candidates. Every interviewer will know how to conduct a great interview, vet based on their focus areas and understand what they need to ask to see if someone meets the bar.

    Your interviewers always know what they are interviewing for and will be confident they are conducting productive interview sessions that result in proper feedback and also lead to improved candidate experience and great hires.

Create an amazing interview experience through structured interviewer training with ModernLoop!

Ultimately, interviewers who are well trained and calibrated to their focus areas make good hires. A better training experience for your interviewers also prevents burnout, helps you build a healthy, efficient recruiting culture and frees up your team’s most valuable assets; their time and capacity.

With ModernLoop, you’ll find your interviewers hitting the mark and meeting your hiring needs with ideal candidates in no time.

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