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How Instacart Leveraged ModernLoop to Triple Interview Volume Without Hiring Additional Coordinators

Interviews scheduled without an increase in team size
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Instacart, a leading online grocery delivery service, faced significant challenges in scaling its recruitment process. With a team structure comprising three recruiting coordinators, sixteen recruiters (including upskilled sourcers performing full-cycle recruiting), and five recruiting leaders, Instacart needed a solution to increase its interview volume without expanding the team. Enter ModernLoop, a comprehensive interview scheduling and automation tool.

ModernLoop allowed us to triple our interview volume - without adding more recruiters.
Jess Dunn, Manager of People Technology, Instacart

Instacart’s team faced many challenges

  • Market volatility

    The recruitment landscape for Instacart is highly volatile, requiring the team to adapt quickly and meet fluctuating demands.

  • Instacart had no way to increase hiring capacity quickly

    The primary challenge for Instacart was increasing hiring capacity without adding new personnel.

  • Time Consuming Scheduling

    Manual scheduling and coordination efforts were labor-intensive, prone to errors, and negatively impacted the candidate experience.

  • Inefficient Interviewer Onboarding

    The process for approving new interviewers was slow and cumbersome, creating bottlenecks that impeded scaling efforts.

How ModernLoop became the solution that drove efficiency

  • Seamless Integration

    ModernLoop seamlessly connected with Instacart’s existing tools, including Greenhouse, SeekOut, LinkedIn Recruiter, and CodeSignal. This integration allowed for efficient data flow and centralized candidate management.

  • Automated Interview Scheduling

    ModernLoop automated the scheduling process, reducing manual effort and errors by automating administrative tasks. This included self-scheduling for recruiter screens via a Chrome Plugin, which drastically reduced manual effort and streamlined the interview scheduling process.

  • Enhanced Interviewer Training

    ModernLoop facilitated shadowing and reverse shadowing, ensuring interviewers were well-prepared and available when needed.

  • Integration with Slack and Chrome Plugin

    These integrations allowed recruiters to schedule and manage interviews directly from Greenhouse and Slack, streamlining the workflow.

We were up and running with ModernLoop in five days, which blew me away... it was so painless!
Jess Dunn, Manager of People Technology, Instacart


ModernLoop has been instrumental in helping Instacart scale its recruitment efforts efficiently. By automating key processes and integrating seamlessly with existing tools, Instacart was able to handle a significantly higher volume of interviews while maintaining a strong candidate experience and operational efficiency. By leveraging ModernLoop, Instacart has exceeded its recruitment goals in a challenging market environment. Want to hear the whole story from Jess Dunn, Instacart’s Manager of People Technology? Listen to the recording of a webinar where we interviewed Jess about her ModernLoop experience! 

200%+ More Interview Capacity
Instacart tripled its weekly interview volume from 168 to 377 interviews without increasing the size of the recruitment team.
Recruiting Coordinator to Recruiter Ratio
Maintained while increasing interview volume.
Time Savings
Each recruiter saved approximately 1.5 hours per week.
Reschedule Rate
Decreased due to better scheduling and visibility.

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