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How ModernLoop helped Tatari establish recruiting operations and hire 79 employees with a lean team

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Tatari is a San Francisco based startup on a mission to build innovative advertising solutions and a company culture that helps them operate leaner and faster — giving their clients a competitive edge!

‍Their bread and butter is providing technology infrastructure with the goal to modernize TV advertising for brands, agencies & publishers.

‍In 2022, after 5 years of navigating the venture capital funding process and building their product, they knew it was time to invest into their recruiting operations processes.

‍They needed a tool that would align with their lean operations model and would also provide the support to hire the best candidates and take their small recruiting function to the next level.

Our team has greatly benefitted from the user-friendly software provided by ModernLoop. Scheduling complex virtual onsite panels with multiple interviewers and different sessions has become significantly quicker, which has resulted in weekly hours of saved time. By handling the more tedious yet important parts of our recruitment process, ModernLoop has allowed us to allocate more time to other aspects of our recruitment strategy, such as sourcing. This has enabled us to focus on finding top talent more efficiently, which is crucial for our smaller team, rather than spending too much time on scheduling interviews and tracking interviewer training .…We are big fans of ModernLoop!
Sofia Ingargiola, Recruiting Sourcer

What it was like…

  • Unable to attract top talent

    Tatari was facing the challenges that come with growing their business strategically in a fluctuating market. Being able to attract the best talent without many resources was becoming a barrier to their growth.

  • An overburdened sourcer

    Without a talent tool providing automation and support, the recruiting sourcer was overburdened by manual processes and tasks.

  • Strategic projects shelved

    There was no time left for high-value work like bettering the candidate experience, decrease time to hire, or the onboarding experience.

How we helped

  • Increased time management

    The team now leans on ModernLoop to help with the once time consuming coordination tasks that spread the recruiting coordinator thin. Even without a dedicated RC, they can now spend more of their time focused on core projects and building relationships.

  • Efficiency through automation

    Scheduling interviews became a breeze. What once took days, now takes only a few hours.

  • Time saving communications and an improved candidate experience

    Candidate prep communications were instantly simplified by populating all of Tatari’s interviewer’s information and LinkedIn profiles into their directory. Customizable templates provide communications for the team to leverage at every touch point of the candidate’s interview journey.

  • Upgraded recruiting operations with new processes

    Interviewer training became effortless with ModernLoop’s training modules and no more manual tracking processes!

Where they are now

Over the past year, ModernLoop was able to help Tatari weather the storm through shaky economic conditions without sacrificing quality in their recruiting ops processes.

‍Tatari now uses the platform to support their lean recruiting function and provide a top notch recruiting ops process from end to end.

‍Since implementing ModernLoop, Tatari was able to hire 79 new team members for their strategic open roles and achieve their goal of using a talent tool to improve their efficiency with a lean talent team.

‍The team saw huge improvements in their scheduling and communications workflows, time to hire and the quality of the Tatari interview process as a whole!

new full-time employees hired
interviews scheduled
<3 hours
to schedule a candidate, thanks to self-scheduling links
1 RC -> 7 HM
1 recruiting sourcer now supports 7 hiring managers
We can build a company with a lean team, but we need a tool!
Song Chang, Director of Talent Acquisition

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