How ModernLoop helped Brex 2x their recruiter to coordinator ratio and grow their headcount 
over 50%.

time cut to schedule
number of recruiters
Frame 1948758284
Financial Services
Company size
1,000 - 5,000 employees
Solutions used
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Brex is the only fully unified global spend platform — with corporate cards, expense management, reimbursements, bill pay, and travel, all in one place. Brex makes it easy for finance teams and founders to manage every aspect of global spend at scale by empowering their employees anywhere to make better financial decisions.

‍Brex proudly serves tens of thousands of businesses, from enterprises to startups.
With employees based in US, Canada, Brazil and Tel Aviv, their remote first culture allows employees to live and work almost anywhere!

‍As they entered hyper-growth mode in 2021, their recruiting ops team was feeling the growing pains from a slow manual interview scheduling process and interviewer shortages.

ModernLoop has allowed our Recruiting Coordinators to schedule interviews with ease, delivering a quality candidate experience and reducing time-to-hire for our recruiting team. We no longer need to switch from one tool to another while scheduling, as everything we need is in ModernLoop: candidate availability, interviewer calendars, trained and in-training interviewer lists, interviewer load and branded templates. Much of the interview scheduling process has been automated through ModernLoop and their integrations with Google Calendar, Zoom, Slack and our ATS, which has massively eliminated room for human error.
Lauren Birch, Recruiting Coordination Lead

What it was like…

The small Recruiting Ops team of 5 was supporting anywhere from 35-40 recruiters and sourcers, 270 hiring managers and scheduling hundreds of interviews a month across different time zones in hyper growth mode.

  • Multiple tools were needed to schedule a single interview

    Switching between tools was leaving a big margin for human error +  lack of accurate interview scheduling metric

  • Inefficient means to manage and track interviewer training

    The team was facing an interviewer shortage and was running up against interviewer bandwith due to heavy interviewing volume.

  • Manual processes were creating a bottleneck

    The inability to schedule interviews quickly was beginning to impact their candidate experience and time to hire.

How we helped

  • Their entire recruiting coordination workflow was streamlined

    Automation provided streamlined coordination across their entire workforce in global time zones and removed the need to switch between 5-6 other tools to schedule one interview.

  • No more manual scheduling

    “ModernLoop’s scheduling algorithm has been so impactful. ModernLoop will use candidate and interviewer availability, along with interviewer load, to find multiple potential schedules for us.”

  • Interviewer shortage was solved by integrating interviewer training

    “Interview training is now part of the interview scheduling process for our Recruiting Coordinators, rather than an extra step, which has increased our interviewer pool substantially.”

  • Easy onboarding for every new recruiting ops hire into the ModernLoop tool

    “When new Recruiting Coordinators join the team, they are onboarded onto ModernLoop during their first week. Much of the learning comes from trying the product themselves & every Recruiting Coordinator  due to the intuitive nature of ModernLoop, has onboarded into the tool in less than a week!”

Where they are now

Since implementing ModernLoop, Brex saw a 2x increase in coordination efficiency! By utilizing ModernLoop in the midst of hyper-growth, Brex was able to double the efficiency of their recruiting coordinators. One recruiting coordinator that used to support just 4 recruiters can now support up to 8.

Their once overwhelming scheduling volume is now a breeze. As manual roadblocks were removed, Brex’s efficiency across the board increased, too. They saw over 50% headcount growth as a result and drastically reduce their time to schedule.

Where are they now
headcount growth
cut time to schedule
1 RC supports 8 recruiters
1 recruiting coordinator used to support 4 recruiters, and now can support up to 8.
We were looking for a solution that could cut down scheduling time, remove human error, and automate our coordination process as best as possible. We found that the ModernLoop platform had thought through the user experience from every relevant perspective - the candidate, the recruiter, the interviewer, Recruiting Operations, and of course, the Recruiting Coordinator.
Brittany Daunno, Heading of Recruiting Operations & Employer Brand

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